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Autoconf/Automake Quick Reference

Autoconf has always been a bit of a mystery to me. While working through the MailCore 2/libetpan stuff, I once again got reacquainted with Autotools and had to dive a bit deeper. John Calcote’s Autotools is an awesome reference that I found on O'Reilly Safari today.

This is mostly a set of rapid fire notes that I will probably refer back to in the future for my own reference.


  • Automake - takes files and turns them into files.

  • Autoconf - takes, aclocal.m4, acsite.m4 and uses them to generate the configure script. Configure script takes .in files and outputs them with the .in stripped (e.g. -> Makefile)

So that’s the general flow of things here. Automake goes from .am to .in, Autoconf takes .ac and .m4 to generate the configure script (and Finally, ./configure takes the .in files and generates the output with the .in removed ( -> Makefile, -> config.h).